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Verifire™ VTS Vertical Test Station for Production Spherical Optics Metrology

Verifire VTS Housed in Industrial Enclosure for Protection in Production Environments
Verifire™ VTS Features an Industrial Enclosure for Protection in Production Environments
Verifire VTS Interferometer System
Key Features:

• Robust design, built for production environments

• Turnkey system with compact footprint

• Integrated passive vibration isolation system

• Flexible configuration; choose your mainframe

• Mx™ software with radius of curvature encoder feedback

• Programmable and automation ready

• Optional safety enclosure with light curtain interlock

The Verifire™ VTS interferometer system is a stand-alone upward-looking interferometer workstation designed for stable and robust surface form and radius of curvature metrology of spherical optics.

This fully-integrated turnkey system features a motorized Z-axis stage with 1 meter of encoded travel, which simplifies part positioning and enables automated radius of curvature measurements. The system can be configured with a 4-inch Verifire™, or any current 4- or 6-inch Verifire™ HD or Dynafiz® interferometer. The compact footprint requires minimal floor space ideal for the shop floor.

Vibration Robust

The Verifire™ VTS features a rigorous mechanical design with integrated passive vibration isolation system to provide a stable metrology cell for confidence in your measurement results. Going further, all standard interferometers include ZYGO's patented QPSI™ acquisition technology which enables reliable high-precision measurements in the presence of vibration. Select standard 4-inch Verifire™ or 4-inch / 6-inch Dynafiz mainframes for QPSI to enable true on-axis metrology without degradation to data maps from typical production vibrations.

Mx™ Software

ZYGO's Mx™ measurement and analysis software offers a wide range of features and flexible configuration that can be adapted for environments from 'easy-to-use' for operators on the production floor to "full-featured" for high-end applications in the R&D or engineering lab. New features like SmartAveraging® technology, Custom Workspace, and integrated Python™ scripting language further simplify the user experience, or greatly expand the functionality of the interferometer as needed in your application

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The Verifire™ VTS is compatible with current 4-inch aperture Verifire™ systems, or 4-inch and 6-inch aperture Dynafiz® systems, as well as standard ZYGO optical accessories. Contact your local sales representative for more information.
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