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Verifire™ XL Large-Aperture Downward-Looking
Interferometer Workstation

Verifire XL Interferometer System Animated comparison of a PSI measurement with fringe print-through due to vibration, and the same surface measured with QPSI technology – free of noisy print-through.
Animated comparison of a PSI measurement with fringe print-through due to vibration, and the same surface measured with QPSI technology – free of noisy print-through.
Integrated transmission element, and lightweighted optic on measurement stage
Integrated transmission element.
The Verifire™ XL interferometer system is a stand-alone workstation designed for measuring large flat surfaces up to twelve inches (300 mm) in diameter. Examples include front-surface reflectors, windows, and semiconductor wafers or wafer chucks.

The system is a downward-looking configuration, which eliminates the need for special part holding fixtures in most situations. The operator simply places a test part on the flat surface of the tip/tilt stage, and slides the entire stage under the measurement aperture.

With its small footprint, the Verifire XL system requires a minimum of valuable floor space in your production facility.  Everything you need is built-in, including the vibration isolation system.  The transmission flat is also built-in and pre-aligned, requiring no adjustment, which simplifies operation and increases throughput.

QPSI Equipped

Also included is ZYGO's exclusive QPSI acquisition technology which enables reliable high-precision measurements in the presence of vibration often found in production environments. QPSI eliminates fringe "print through" in many situations, providing reliable data the first time you measure. QPSI acquisition is a patented technology and is designed specifically to be transparent to the user while providing vibration rejection. There is no calibration or setup required to use QPSI, and acquisition and processing time is nearly identical to PSI.

Mx™ Software

ZYGO's proprietary Mx™ measurement and analysis software offers a wide range of operational features and data visualization tools for unmatched measurement capability in an easy-to-use interface. Mx software now includes Smart Averaging technology that helps to obtain the best possible measurement in the shortest amount of time, and the built-in SPC provides powerful capability for production situations.

Key Features:

• 12" (300 mm) aperture

• Small footprint, self-contained system

• Easy part loading and alignment

• Simple setup and streamlined operation

• Built-in pre-aligned transmission flat

• Integrated vibration isolation and QPSI technology for reliable measurements in production environments

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