Service Upgrades & Retrofits

Upgrades & Retrofits

ZYGO products are built to last. As technology advances, AMETEK Germany offers the ability to upgrade existing systems to current state-of-the art capabilities.

GPI CAN Upgrade

Upgrading Your ZYGO GPI XP, xpHR, GPI HS to CAN electronics

• New, up-to-date cameras, latest generation PCs

• Latest MetroPro™ software, CAN bus electronics

• Increased camera sensitivity and resolution

• Upgradeable to 1Kx1K camera, encoded zoom and focus

• Ready for next-generation MetroPro™ software

PC Upgrade

Upgrading of your ZYGO interferometer (Verifire xpD, NewView 6000/7000 systems):

• Latest DELL PC

• Newest MetroPro™ software

• Current framegrabber and signal cable

• Pre-configured and ready to use. Simply connect, switch on and continue to work as before

Framegrabber and Signal Cable

• Can be used with all visual Fizeau interferometers

• Requires CCD camera upgrade

• Available as software option for GPI and Verifire interferometer with PMR, e.g. in the case of long cavities or setups subject to vibrations

Encoded Zoom and Encoded Focus

Addition of encoded zoom and/or encoded focus to GPI xpD and Verifire xpD interferometers

• Encoded Zoom: continuous zoom 1-5X

• High repeatability for:
- Zoom positioning: 2% bidirectional, and...
- Focus positioning: 72 nm (for comparison: human eye >30 µm)

• Extended zoom and focus controls in MetroPro™

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